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Do you feel like it's become impossible to keep up with all the essays/articles/think pieces published by exceptional creators online?

LetterDrop is a single destination for savvy readers to discover high-quality newsletter issues sourced from a curated selection of creators across multiple platforms like Substack, Revue, Mailchimp, MailerLite and more.

If you are a writer, just submit your latest issue to be reviewed and dropped into LetterDrop's feed for better exposure, instant feedback and hopefully turn readers into your subscribers.

Why should you care?

People are the new brands. Email newsletters allow you to hear directly from the world's most compelling writers and creators.

Our generation's forward-thinking founders, top VCs (hi a16z!) and creative talent concur that passion economy is the future and that newsletters are a great way to build and own your audience without relying on algorithmic feeds from social media.

With the inevitable explosion of new newsletters, LetterDrop will help you cut through the noise and discover the next breakout high-signal newsletter.

How does it work?

Scroll through curated high-quality issues launched each dayUpvote and engage with your favorite newsletter issue Get a daily email digest of the top 5 upvoted newsletters so you don't miss outFind newsletter recommendations from people you follow and trust on Twitter

What are people saying?

"I love that this is about the issues and not the newsletters. I haven’t seen a tool that surfaces the actual content instead of the newsletter as a whole. Looking forward to this! " — Dan Rowden

"This is going to be big, mark my words. Love what KP is doing here. Newsletters are the currency to a digital marketplace and contain crucial information everyone needs." — Brandon Zhang

"I love this idea. Not just to discover newsletters but also to be able to do paid sponsorships/advertising." — Kofi Frimpong

"surfacing insanely great newsletters"

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